Pulsation Accoustics

Acoustical Analyses Solve Vibration, Failures in Recip Pumps

Paper No. 50

J. C. Wachel/F. R. Szenasi/S. C. Denison, Oil & Gas Journal, August 11, 1986, pp. 60-72.

Vibration and failure problems with the piping and reciprocating pump internals of an Ecopetrol oil-pipeline pump station in Colombia were solved with acoustical analyses of the suction and discharge systems by a digital computer program.

The program was further used to redesign the piping systems to reduce high pulsation, shown to have been the source of cavitation in the suction system at nearly all operation conditions.
An all-liquid filter was specified in the redesign of the piping modifications, completely eliminating piping failures. The pumps have continually delivered 40,000 b/d since that time with only normal maintenance problems.


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