EDI Services

Services Overview

EDI offers a broad base of capabilities in the area of machine and structural analysis. Expertise in field measurement, data analysis, and computational modeling makes EDI uniquely qualified to analyze, solve, and prevent problems in all the areas of dynamics and structural mechanics including vibration, pulsation, and fatigue failure.

With comprehensive field and computer analyses and objective reports tailored to your individual needs, EDI provides specific recommendations for system optimization.

Field Testing & Diagnostics

Data acquisition and analysis are one of the most important elements of EDI’s expertise. On site testing not only allows diagnosis and solution of problems, but is an important “calibration” tool for computational modeling. Whether modeling is needed in conjunction with on-site measurements, or used alone in the design stage, EDI’s practical experience, enhanced by 30 years of field testing, is essential to providing solutions.

Analytical Services

Various industrial standards (such as API 618 and API 674 for Reciprocating Compressors) specify analytical studies relative to dynamics and vibration control. In addition, specialized analytical studies beyond the scope of typical standards are often performed to address aspects of equipment reliability, and to determine equipment modifications to obtain solutions.

Equipment Expertise

EDI has experience with a wide range of equipment used in all types of industries.

Specialized Services

EDI offers other services unique to the engineering field.

  • Expert Witness
  • Design Audits
  • Custom Software Development
  • Independent Review of Reports


Projects at refineries include solving problems with centrifugal compressors, large fans, reciprocating compressors, etc…



EDI works to assist the oil and gas industry with vibration solutions on platforms around the world.


EDI utilizes the latest technology and vibration measurement tools to keep a variety of power generation equipment running smoothly.



EDI offers expertise in lateral rotodynamic analyses and torsional vibration testing for water pumping systems.


Engineering Dynamics Incorporated (EDI) is uniquely positioned to service oil and natural gas companies working in the Eagle Ford Shale.

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