Diagnostic Instrumentation

Diagnostic Instrumentation

EDI maintains a full range of instrumentation for use in diagnostic studies.

EDI maintains a large inventory of instrumentation including accelerometers, proximity probes, pressure transducers and torsiographs, all of which are essential to the analysis of rotating equipment.

  • Piezoelectric Accelerometers – provide vibration levels in acceleration (g’s), velocity (IPS), or displacement (mils). Useful over a broad frequency range (0.5 Hz -15kHz).
  • Linear Variable Displacement Transducers – useful for very low frequency or large displacement vibration. Also useful as a static position indicator.
  • Strain Gages – can be installed to directly measure dynamic & static stress levels.
  • Proximity Probes (Non-Contacting) – inductive device to measure displacement.
  • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) – EDI routinely obtains ODS and Mode Shape measurements on all types of equipment and structures.
  • Motion Amplification Camera
  • Impact Test Data – Impact Tests are used to determine mechanical natural frequencies of various components (vessels, pipe spans, etc.).
  • EDI Data Acquisition System – EDI’s proprietary software combined with the latest instrumentation enables us to simultaneously acquire and evaluate over 128 channels of data.
  • Custom Shakers

Strain measurements are used for both static and dynamic diagnostics for shafting, piping, bolted joints, etc. Some of the applications for strain gages include:

  • Evaluation of fatigue and field.
  • Natural frequency testing (impact testing).
  • Shaker Testing
  • Pulsation measurement in high pressure systems.
  • Bolt-up strain.
  • Torsional vibration testing (with telemetry).

Both “glue-on” and “weld-on” gages for high temperature applications are available.

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