Engine/Compressor Performance

Engine/Compressor Performance

EDI has established a test group to provide routine engine/compressor maintenance and performance analysis services. If you operate reciprocating machinery, a predictive maintenance program can significantly improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

The proper use of analysis techniques allows you to make condition-based maintenance decisions. Significant cost savings can be realized by defining:

  • Maintenance Scope and Schedule
  • Reduced Repair Time
  • Improved Operating Efficiency

EDI’s experienced analysts and state-of-the-art testing equipment provide you with the information required to manage an effective condition-based maintenance program for reciprocating machinery. If chronic reliability problems are identified, EDI’s engineering
staff is readily available to evaluate the system design and recommend corrective action.

EDI’s experienced staff is also available for training of your analysts. Classes can be custom tailored to individual needs for maintenance and performance testing

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