Assessing Rotor Stability Using Practical Test Procedures

Paper No. 56

K. E. Atkins/R. X. Perez, 21st Turbomachinery Symposium, Texas A&M University, September 1992.

Perturbation testing of an industrial centrifugal compressor in an at-speed balancing chamber is discussed in PERTURBATION TESTING FOR ASSESSING ROTOR STABILITY. The instrumentation and data acquisition techniques are described, as well as test results from five different rotor-bearing configurations. The test results were used to choose a bearing design which optimized the rotor stability characteristics. A method determining when full scale perturbation testing is warranted, based on risk management assessment techniques, is described in WHEN IS PERTURBATION TESTING WARRANTED? Methods of quantifying risks are discussed, as well as determining which machines are good candidates for testing.


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