Influence of Gas Seals on Rotor Stability of a High Speed Hydrogen Recycle Compressor

Paper No. 53

K. E. Atkins/R. X. Perez, 17th Turbomachinery Symposium, Texas A&M University, November 1988.

A gas seal retrofit project for a 2800 hp, 10200 rpm, five-stage hydrogen recycle compressor is described. This barrel-type compressor operates with a 1205 psia suction pressure and 1490 psia discharge pressure. The unit is directly driven by a steam turbine through a continuously lubricated gear-type coupling. The gas seal retrofit project was initiated as a solution to a rotordynamic instability problem experienced on the compressor. The rotordynamic analysis showed that the rotor system stability would be improved with the gas seals. The other advantages of gas seals were considered as secondary to the stability improvements.


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