Continuous Remote Monitoring

Continuous Remote Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is becoming more prevalent as operating companies strive to improve availability and reliability of key machinery assets. Another important factor driving the use of these systems is optimization of manpower needed to monitor these critical assets by using on-line systems.

Engineering Dynamics Inc. (EDI) offers a cost-effective system for improved machinery analysis and diagnostics. A typical installation can monitor up to 64 channels per CPU at 10 KHz or higher sampling rates. Ruggedized Class 1, Division 2 (C1D2) data acquisition CPUs can be mounted in the field and client applications can access the high-speed data over any available wired or wireless networking environment.

Some special capabilities and applications of the data equipment system and instrumentation used for rotating equipment include:

  • Remote monitoring of rotor vibration to determine causes of vibration transients¬†(such as solid build-up on compressor impellers).
  • Real time calculation of principle¬†stresses at parts on the motor using strain gages and telemetry.

EDI contributed to two publications regarding this topic.

  • “Combine Troubleshooting and Continuous Monitoring of Dynamic Data for Critical Machinery”
  • “Continuous Monitoring of High Speed Data Improves Machinery Analysis, Diagnosis”
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